Doing College Algebra Homework With Ease: 10 Things To Know

Many college students have trouble with algebra. However, nearly all of them agree that it’s an important subject for anyone wanting to make a technical or science-related career. Basic algebra is needed to solve physics problems, understand chemistry equations or learn computer programming. That’s why studying algebra is worth it - it opens many doors.

The Challenge of Algebra Homework

Even for those who study well, doing algebra homework can be a challenge. When in class, learners are allowed to ask questions. When doing their home assignment, all they can count on is their memory and their mathematical abilities. Needless to say, not everyone has a brilliant memory, and even those who do can forget things or miss something important. As a result, the whole solution goes wrong, leaving the students discouraged.

Some learners also forget that algebra is not something that can be learned overnight. If there are significant gaps in knowledge, they can be eliminated in a week or two, but not in one go. A common mistake is trying to memorize everything right before a test. Even if it works, it’s very likely that the material will be forgotten right after the test sheets are handed over.

Fortunately, there are ways to make college life easier. Here are 10 things to know on how to turn the torture of algebra homework into a pleasure:

  1. Revision, revision, revision.
  2. Revising some previous chapters today can save a lot of time and nerves tomorrow.

  3. Concentration.
  4. All distractions are to be eliminated before starting your learning of algebra. Mathematics requires concentration.

  5. Calculator.
  6. Calculator and/or laptop is acceptable and sometimes necessary. Algebra is not arithmetic. There is no need to count everything on paper.

  7. Similar solutions.
  8. Looking for similar problems solved on the Internet is not something to be ashamed of (if they are similar, not the same).

  9. Questions.
  10. Asking questions is also something not to be feared.

  11. Math help websites.
  12. Math help websites can be a lifesaver if used wisely (to make things clear, not to solve the problem and forget it).

  13. Time management and regularity.
  14. Spending 5 hours on algebra once a week won’t help whereas half an hour every day is a viable option.

  15. Double-checking.
  16. Checking your completed homework might help in finding minor mistakes and getting rid of them.

  17. Positive attitude.
  18. Disappointment, resentment and discouragement cannot help, whereas tranquility and a positive attitude can.

  19. The winner’s reward.
  20. Rewarding yourself on completing a difficult algebra problem is a psychology trick that works.