How To Cope With Kindergarten Daily Homework

Assigning homework at such a young age has parents across the nation complaining in frustration. The general rule of thumb most school districts have adopted is there should be 10 minutes of school work per night for each grade in school. So a kindergarten child shouldn’t get any more than 10 minutes of homework nightly.

Does this mean you stop your child from completing their assignments after the 10 minutes is up? Professionals tend to agree – sometimes you have to teach the teacher how much is enough and how much is too much. So have a talk with the teacher if it seems there is too much after school work being given to your kindergarten child.

How to set up a homework routine

Most parents find it more successful to have time set aside right after school to complete the school assignments or studying needed for the child’s classes. However, after a long day at school, children usually come home hungry and brain-tired. It’s a great idea to have a snack ready and let the child have some free time for 30 minutes before sitting down to work again.

Try to encourage the child to use the free time doing something physically active, which doesn’t include watching television or playing video games. The brain and eyes need a rest. Playing in the yard or with a pet are better alternatives. Here is a list of things to remember when setting up a routine:

  • Make time for a quick, healthy snack right after school. It should be a small, light snack because you don’t want your child to be too full to eat supper.
  • Let the child have some down time when they first get home. This is best as a physical activity time rather than video game or TV time. Choose from activities such as playing in the yard, playing with a pet, playing with a favorite toy.
  • Set a specific time to begin doing the school work. For example, it may be at 4:30 pm each day. Have your child get out their school books and spread them out on a table in a well-lit area convenient to you for supervision and assistance.
  • If you are making supper during homework time, the kitchen table may be a great place for your child to set up their books. They can ask you questions as you move around the kitchen.
  • Give an opportunity for both parents to take turns helping the child with school work if possible.