How To Do Homework Early: 10 Practical Suggestions

Many students put off their homework till the last minute. Although everyone agrees that doing everything beforehand is much better, most students complain about the lack of motivation. They often don’t want to start working early as there’s still enough time; and then there comes a moment when there’s suddenly no time at all.

To avoid this vicious circle, you should teach yourself to do your home assignments early. Here’s how you do it.

Step #1: Getting Started

When you know you have to start working now, don’t blame yourself if you don’t want to. Acknowledge that although you have no wish to do it, you have to if you don’t want any problems later. Keep calm and prepare your workplace like this:

  • Eliminate all distractions.
  • Turn off the music, put off your smartphone, log out of your Facebook account.

  • Get all of the supplies you need.
  • Bring your books, notebooks, pens and whatever you need to do your home assignments.

Step #2: Staying Motivated

After you’ve started doing your homework, it’s important to stay motivated and complete the assignments in the shortest time possible. Here are some tips on how to focus you attention on the things you’re doing:

  1. Set out your priorities.
  2. Think which part of your assignments is the most difficult one. Start with the hardest tasks and proceed to the easiest ones.

  3. Make pauses if necessary.
  4. If you start losing concentration, make a short break. Then, get back to work.

  5. Try different time schedules.
  6. If working in the evening makes you sleepy, try doing your home assignments in the morning.

  7. Use a planner to organize your time.
  8. Write down the work to be done and the deadlines. It will help you realize how much time is left.

  9. Get help if you need it.
  10. Ask a friend for help if you can’t understand something.

  11. Think of how relieved you’ll feel once you have finished your work.

  12. Think of the problems you might have if you don’t do your assignments early and of the stress last-minute preparations cause.

  13. Reward yourself for your patience.
  14. Eat something you like or do something special after having completed your homework.

  15. Work on one task at a time.
  16. If there’s too much work to be done, divide it into blocks and work on one step at a time.

  17. Make plans for the time after you finish everything.
  18. Ask your friends to meet you in 2 hours from now, or book the tickets to a movie. It will help you stay motivated to finish your homework on time.