make your homework faster

When you are struggling to complete homework, there are many things you can to help expedite and improve the process.

  1. The first thing you want to do is to ensure you understand your assignment. Write down the task in your planner or notebook and if you are unsure of what is expected of you, ask your teacher immediately. It is a lot easier to take one extra minute out of your day right after class, or even during class, to ask your teacher what you need to do compared to struggling to recall what it was you needed to do later that night. You can even ask your teacher how long it should take to complete the task so that you have a rough idea and can better budget your time.
  2. You want to use any extra time you find throughout the school day to work on any assignment you have. Some schools have study halls where students can work on their homework explicitly and others have unstructured breaks or time periods which are yours to fill as you see fit. Take these opportunities to get as much work done as you can. Remember that the more work you are able to accomplish while at school, the less work you will need to do at night.
  3. Pace yourself when working. If you take every opportunity during the day to work on your task but you find that you still have things to do when you get home that afternoon, think about what else you have left as well as what other things you have to do that night. Many students need to dedicate between one and three hours per night to do their work and if you have a lot of work on one night in particular, you might want to better budget your time so that during lunch you can get some of it out of the way. It is good to come up with a schedule so that you have a specific time period in which to work, especially if you have a job after school or are involved in sports or other activities.

In addition to all of these creative tools, take heed of where you work. Are you prone to sitting in front of your television when you try and do work? Do you sit in the kitchen with your siblings fighting around you and your mom trying to loudly cook dinner? When you are young and your tasks do not require a great deal of focus, these places are perfect but as you age, you need to find a place where there are fewer distractions and much less noise in order to work. Try and find some place with a large space on which to lay out all of your books and tools, such as a big desk or table.

When you set out to work, start on the things which are the most difficult. Some students find it tempting to get the easier things out of the way, but when you first sit down to work you will have decidedly more brain power and you will want to use that power to get through the more challenging items before it starts to drain.